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Upgrading of urban drinking water lines in Canada

With the acceleration of urbanization, the variety of municipal pipelines has also been enriched from the previous cast iron pipes and galvanized steel pipes, and the quality has been continuously improved. Compared with other types of pipes, PE pipes have low engineering costs, reliable interfaces, and fast progress. And other advantages, it is very suitable for pipe network renovation projects.

PE water supply pipe has good sanitary performance, does not produce bacteria and dirt, PE raw materials do not produce toxins, and do not contain heavy metal additives, which avoids the secondary pollution of imported water and conforms to national standards. Water standard; the inner wall is relatively smooth, and the coefficient of friction is relatively low;

At the same time, the flexibility, impact resistance, strong shock resistance and distortion resistance of PE pipes have strong competitiveness. Easy to install, flexible and easy to transport, it is a green and environmentally friendly building material. The above advantages make PE water supply pipe a common building material for tap water pipes in daily life.

In terms of engineering power transmission, PE pipes are more convenient to transport. PE pipes are much lighter than steel pipes, galvanized pipes and concrete pipes. PE water supply pipes are easier to install and transport, which can effectively save the engineering needs. Manpower and equipment reduce the installation cost and loss of the project.

Currently we are supplying big quantity of PE pipes to Cananda for the improvement of urban drinking water lines

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