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steel wire mesh skeleton reinforced pe100 HDPE pipe

Short Description:

Steel-skeleton polyethylene composite pipe refers to a new type of composite pipe which is cross-wound on the polyethylene core pipe and coated with high-strength steel wire with hot melt glue, and extrudes a layer of high strength hot melt glue to form a reinforcing layer, and the outer layer is coated with polyethylene protective sleeve.

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Introduction to the

Steel compound enhancement technique the enhancement layer and internal and external polyethylene layer form a solid whole, not only the metal skeleton of effective and reliable protection in a seamless, strengthening layer and fusion between the internal and external wall has also not be combined with the cracks on the interface, eliminates tube pressure or corrosive medium may cause erosion and damage to pipeline, is a new type of high-tech products.

Performance characteristics:

● High pressure rating: compared with other solid wall tubes, high pressure (10 to 35 TMPa)

● Corrosion resistance: strong resistance to acid, alkali, salt and other chemical media corrosion

● Good temperature resistance: the conveying medium temperature rise at the same time, the intensity of the reduction of more than one times lower than the polyethylene pipe.

● Flow resistance is small: the inner surface roughness of the steel pipe is only 1/20 of the steel pipe, and no scaling, no wax, not due to corrosion, scaling and other transport capacity decline, so the fluid transport capacity of the steel pipe is high, the effect of energy saving is remarkable.

Light weight: under the same pressure level, it is lighter than the solid wall pipe of the same specification, which reduces the comprehensive cost of the project.

● Non-toxic: good hygiene, to solve the problem of secondary pollution of drinking water, in line with GB/T17219-1998 safety evaluation provisions.

● Reliable connection: the pipeline is connected by electric heating, convenient construction, simple and reliable welding process, can reach the whole system of the pipeline without leakage.

● Self-showing good: buried underground can be used after the general magnetic control measuring equipment to find the location, so as to avoid the destruction of other engineering excavation.

● Rigid and flexible coexistence: this pipe is rigid, good impact resistance, installation and use is not afraid of collision;And has good flexibility, can be appropriate bending with the topography of the ups and downs layout, save pipe fittings.

● Long service life: service life can reach more than 50 years.

Installation and Use Steps

Convenient construction, low price, and no road excavation. Polyethylene (PE) pipes

(1) Scope of application: polyethylene (PE) pipe is suitable for fire protection, water supply, drainage, irrigation, heat preservation and compressed air transportation, etc.

(2) The main performance of polyethylene pipe is shown in Table 5-26.

Range of application

● Municipal engineering: urban building water supply and drainage, drinking water, natural gas, gas pipeline.

● Spinning, printing and dyeing, paper industry: conveying corrosive medium process piping and discharge pipe.

● Chemical industry: acid, alkali, salt manufacturing, petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, pharmaceutical, chemical, mining, rubber and plastic industries and other corrosive gas, liquid, solid powder delivery process pipe and discharge pipe

● Oil and gas fields: gathering and transportation pipelines for oil-bearing sewage, gas field mixture, oil well reinjection of polymer solution, and pipelines for secondary and tertiary oil recovery and transportation process.

● Coal mine: water supply, drainage, ventilation, gas drainage and spraying.Nonferrous metal: used for the stealthing of corrosive medium in nonferrous metal smelting.

● Agriculture: deep well pipe, filter pipe, underground channel conveying pipe, drainage pipe, irrigation water supply and so on.

● Shipbuilding industry: ship sewage pipes, drainage pipes, hold pipes and ventilation pipes, etc.

● Seawater transportation: seawater desalination plant, coastal power plant, seaport city seawater picking, submarine pipeline and optical cable (cable) conduit, etc.

● Thermoelectric engineering: process water backwater transportation, waste slag transportation.

● Highway: buried drainage pipe, cable conduit.

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