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Steel Mesh Wire Reinforced Pe Drain plastic water pipe

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The steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe is a new type of pipe which is reinforced by the high strength steel wire which is spiral wound around the left and right side. The high density polyethylene (HDPE) is used as the matrix, and the steel wire skeleton is closely connected with the inner and outer high density polyethylene by the high performance HDPE modified bonding resin.

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Basic introduction

Because the high strength steel wire reinforcers are coated in continuous thermoplastic plastics, the steel wire mesh frame polyethylene composite pipe overcomes the disadvantages of both steel and plastic pipes, while maintaining the advantages of both pipes and plastic pipes.

Steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe, using high quality material and advanced production technology, so that it has a higher pressure performance.At the same time, the composite pipe has excellent flexibility, and is suitable for long distance buried water supply and gas pipeline system.Wire mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe fittings are polyethylene electric fusion pipe fittings.When connecting, use the heating element inside the pipe fitting to melt the outer plastic of the pipe and the inner plastic of the pipe fitting, and reliably connect the pipe and the pipe fitting together.

Using high density polyethylene (HDPE), strong steel wire spiral wound frames to create high tensile strength to strengthen the body.Using high density polyethylene (HDPE) as the raw material results in a lightweight pipe that is resistant to invasive chemicals, withstands freeze-thaw cycles and temperatures that persist below zero, and does not crack.HDPE is highly abrasion resistant and is not subject to acidity or alkalinity.But that's not all -- Fuses HDPE features strong steel wire and a lightweight, flexible tube for high tensile strength and durability.Best of all, our low cost dedicated fusion fittings for pipe - to - pipe connections still do not discount failure - free installation.Due to these characteristics, SRTP pipes are often used in the urban water supply, civil engineering, oil and gas fields, chemical industry, power transmission pipelines, metallurgical mines, sea water transportation, shipbuilding, agriculture and the laying of fiber optic cables.

Product features

Steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe has the common characteristics of anti-corrosion, no scaling, smooth low resistance, thermal insulation, no wax, wear resistance, light weight and other plastic pipes, and its unique structure also created the following characteristics:

(1) Good creep resistance and high lasting mechanical strength

Because the plastic will creep at room temperature and under the action of stress, brittle fracture will occur under the action of high lasting stress, so the allowable stress and bearing capacity of pure plastic pipe is very low (generally within 1.0MPa).The mechanical strength of steel is about 10 times that of thermoplastic, and it is stable over the temperature range of plastic.When the mesh steel frame is combined with plastics, the creep of plastics can be effectively restrained by the mesh steel frame, and the durable strength of plastics itself is greatly improved.So the allowable stress of polyethylene composite pipe with steel mesh frame is twice as much as that of plastic pipe.

(2) good temperature resistance

The strength of the plastic pipe is generally reduced with the increase of temperature within the range of its use temperature. The strength of the plastic pipe is reduced by more than 10% for every 10℃ increase in temperature.As about 2/3 of the strength of polyethylene composite pipe with steel mesh skeleton is borne by the steel mesh skeleton, its strength decreases with the increase of the use temperature less than that of any pure plastic pipe.The experimental results show that the strength of PE composite pipe decreases by less than 5% with the increase of 10℃.

(3) good rigidity, impact resistance, good dimensional stability, and moderate flexibility, hardness and softness

The elastic modulus of steel is usually about 200 times that of high density polyethylene. The rigidity, impact resistance and dimensional stability of polyethylene composite pipe made of steel mesh frame are better than any pure plastic pipe due to the strengthening effect of steel mesh frame.At the same time, the reticulated steel frame itself is a flexible structure, so that the composite pipe has a certain flexibility in the axial direction.Therefore, the pipe has the characteristics of the combination of rigidity and flexibility, and has excellent performance in the adaptability of loading and unloading, transportation, installation and reliability of operation.Ground installation can save the number of supports, low cost;Underground installation can effectively withstand sudden impact load caused by settlement, slip, vehicle, etc.Small caliber pipe can be properly bent, undulating with the terrain layout or snake-shaped layout, saving pipe fittings.

(4) Small coefficient of thermal expansion

Due to the linear expansion coefficient of steel wire for plastic pipe is 10.6~12.2×10-6(1/℃), and the linear expansion coefficient of pure plastic pipe is 170×10-6(1/℃), the thermal expansion of steel wire mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe is greatly improved under the constraint of steel mesh skeleton, which is lower than that of any common plastic pipe.The linear expansion coefficient of polyethylene composite pipe with steel mesh skeleton is 35.4~35.9×10-6(1/℃), which is only 3~3.4 times that of ordinary carbon steel pipe.The experimental results show that the heat compensation device is generally not needed in the buried installation, and the pipe can be absorbed (or released) by means of winding laying, thus reducing the installation cost.

(5) Rapid cracking will not occur

Pure plastic pipe especially large-diameter plastic pipe under the action of persistent annular stress at low temperature, easy generation by local defects, the stress concentration caused by the rapid crack (instant a few hundred meters to km above), so the current international pipe plastic rapid cracking resistance put forward very high requirements, and low carbon steel is not brittle fracture problems,With the presence of steel mesh, the deformation and stress of plastics will not reach the critical point that causes rapid cracking.Therefore, in theory, there is no rapid cracking of polyethylene composite pipe with steel mesh skeleton.

6) steel, plastic two kinds of materials composite uniform and reliable

At present, the steel-plastic composite pipe on the market because the composite surface between steel and plastic is a continuous regular interface, long-term use under the action of alternating stress is easy to delamination, resulting in joint leakage, internal bottleneck contraction, blockage and failure.Compared with the steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe is a mesh structure through a special hot melt adhesive (modified HDPE) to make the plastic and steel mesh closely combined and integrated.The two materials have large and uniform binding force and small stress concentration.

7) Double-sided anti-corrosion

The steel wire mesh framework is composite in plastic by special hot melt adhesive layer, the inner and outer surface of the pipe has the same anti-corrosion performance, wear-resistant, smooth inner wall, small transmission resistance, no scaling, no wax, energy saving effect is obvious, it is more economical and convenient for buried transportation and corrosive environment conditions.

(8) Good self-tracer

Because of the existence of steel mesh skeleton, the buried polyethylene composite pipe with steel mesh skeleton can be located by the usual magnetic detection method, so as to avoid the damage caused by other excavation works.And this kind of damage is the pure plastic tube and other non-metal tube to produce the most damage.

(9) convenient and flexible adjustment of product structure and performance

The structure and performance of the product can be adjusted by changing the diameter of the steel wire, the spacing of the net, the thickness of the plastic layer, the plastic and the type of the product, so as to meet the requirements of different pressure resistance, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

(10) special electric fusion joint, variety, installation is very fast and reliable

The connection of polyethylene composite pipe with steel mesh frame adopts two ways: electric heating connection and flange connection.The electric heating connection is to insert the composite pipe into the electric heating pipe fitting and energize the electric heating wire embedded on the inner surface of the pipe fitting to make it heat up.First, the inner surface of the pipe fittings is melted to produce the melt, the melt expands and fills the gap between the pipe fittings, until the outer surface of the pipe also produces the melt, the two melts melt together, after cooling and forming, the pipe and the pipe fittings are closely connected as one.

Range of application

● Municipal engineering: urban water supply, heat network backwater, gas, natural gas pipeline.

● Chemical engineering: acid, alkali, salt manufacturing industry, petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, pharmaceutical, chemical, rubber and plastic and other industries to transport corrosive gas, liquid, solid powder process pipe and discharge pipe.

● Oil and gas fields: Oil-bearing sewage, gas field sewage, oil and gas mixture, secondary and tertiary oil recovery and gathering and transportation process pipes.

● Thermoelectric engineering: process water, backwater transmission, dust removal, waste residue and other pipelines.

● Metallurgical mine: non-ferrous metal smelting in the conveying of corrosive medium and pulp, tailings process pipe.

● Highway: buried drainage pipe, cable conduit

● Marine engineering: seawater transportation, submarine pipeline and optical (electric) cable conduit, etc.

● Shipbuilding: Marine sewage pipe, drainage pipe, ballast water pipe, ventilation pipe


Leakage repair

Here I will introduce to you the most commonly used replacement pipe and electric fusion pipe fitting method:

1. Prepare tools: cutting machine, grinding machine, electric fusion welding machine, steel ruler, marker pen, sledgehammer, pad wood and replacement of pipes and electric fusion pipe fittings.

2. Drain out the water in the pipe in advance, and remove the pipe or fuse pipe fitting at the leaking part;Then measure the length of the part to be replaced with a steel ruler, and then cut off the pipe of the same length. If the electric fusion pipe fittings are needed, the position and size need to be calculated in advance to avoid errors.

3. When the cut pipe or pipe fittings are connected with the original pipeline, we must ensure that the Angle is reasonable, and there shall be no tension or other forces, so as to avoid the displacement and leakage of the electric fusion pipe fittings during welding.

4. When welding the replacement of the electric fusion pipe fittings, we must ensure that there is no water inside the pipeline, otherwise it is difficult to weld the electric fusion pipe fittings firmly.

5. After the welding is completed, it must be cooled for more than 120 minutes before the water test.

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