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“Sichuan-East Gas Transmission” long-distance pipeline provides stable direct supply to Wanyuan City


The Puguang gas field, the starting point of the “Sichuan-to-East Gas Transmission” project, has long-distance pipelines that provide stable direct supply to Wanyuan City, and the price of civil and commercial natural gas is about to be lowered.

On April 20, a Sichuan online reporter learned from Wanyuan China Resources Gas Co., Ltd. that the company will conduct a centralized meter reading of natural gas users in Wanyuan City from now until the 25th, and the new price will be implemented from April 26.

“After the meter reading data is entered into the system for settlement, the people will feel the benefits brought about by changes in gas prices at the end of May and early June when the people pay their gas bills.” said Xu Xu, general manager of Wanyuan China Resources Gas Co., Ltd.

Xu Xu introduced that gas prices were adjusted as follows: civil natural gas decreased from 3.31 yuan/m3 to 2.91 yuan/m3, a decrease of 0.4 yuan/m3; commercial natural gas fell from 4.90 yuan/m3 to 4.00 yuan/m3, a decrease of 0.9 Yuan/cubic meter.

On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, the “Puguang-Wanyuan Natural Gas Long-distance Pipeline Project” ventilating ceremony was held. Since then, it has entered the trial operation stage and has now supplied stable gas to Wanyuan City.

This also means that in Dazhou, which has the reputation of “China’s gas capital”, all 7 counties (cities, districts) within its jurisdiction have realized natural gas long-distance pipeline gas supply. Before that, the gas used in Wanyuan City was liquefied natural gas, that is, the natural gas was compressed and cooled into a liquid and then placed in a low-temperature storage tank, and then transported by LNG tanker to the liquefied natural gas storage and distribution station around Wanyuan City to make it After re-gasification, it will be transported to urban users.

Xu Xu said that the project has a maximum annual gas transmission volume of 150 million cubic meters. The unobstructed long-distance pipeline will effectively enhance the supply of Wanyuan gas, optimize the clean energy structure, and effectively alleviate the difficulty, expensive, and inefficient use of gas for the people in Wanyuan City. Security and other issues, stabilize and consolidate the results of poverty alleviation.

“A reduction of 9 gross per cubic meter is indeed a great help for companies, because gas is a mandatory expenditure for hotel operations.” Zhou Guorong, general manager of a hotel in Wanyuan, said that this move will reduce the cost of expenditure for the hotel.

Wang Jifang, the relevant person in charge of a tea factory in Qingwo Town, Wanyuan, is busy planning to replace the tea factory equipment with pipeline natural gas instead of electricity to roast tea. “Clean energy can save energy, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and help tea farmers increase income and get rich.” She said.

It is not easy to extend the long-distance pipeline to Wanyuan City. It is understood that the pipeline passes through more than 30 villages in 8 towns and towns in Xuanhan County and Wanyuan City, with a total length of 100 km. The project construction took 18 months and the total investment reached 150 million yuan. It traverses medium-sized rivers 4 times, small rivers and ditches 10 times, and highways more than 50 times.

“I have done the design of the long-distance pipeline project for 16 years. The construction of this project is the most difficult one.” said Liu Yonggang, the project manager of Chengdu China Resources Gas Design Co., Ltd. and the designer of this project. Wanyuan is located in the heart of Daba Mountain. To many places with a height difference of 300 to 400 meters, the pipeline needs to cross mountains and ridges, avoid mining areas, etc., and cross many rivers. The pipeline is required to resist floating, and the riverbed must be backfilled, which requires high technical requirements.

Post time: Jul-01-2021